PVC Banners

450gsm PVC material is durable, lightweight, and waterproof.

Eyelets every 30cm make hanging easy anywhere you need it.

Please note that only one design can be used per print run.



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PVC Banners


Do you need PVC banners for your next event or are you looking for a way to promote your business?

With the growth of online marketing, many companies have started to use large PVC banners as a way to advertise their products and services.

However, there are several problems with using these types of banners for advertising purposes. We all know that advertising is important, but it can be hard to get noticed.

Most of the time you have to choose between quality and price when purchasing banners.

The cheap ones look terrible or fall apart after a couple months, while the more expensive options are too expensive for most small businesses.

Most banners are made of cheap materials that break and tear easily, which means you’ll be spending a lot on replacements.

The other main issue with banners is that they tend not to last very long in outdoor environments due mainly because of UV damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Because most people who purchase these banners don’t realize this until after making their purchase.

It ends up being an expensive mistake for them since replacing one can cost anywhere between £30 and £300 depending on how big it is and what type you buy.


If you need to advertise your business or event, but don’t know how, we’ve got the solution for you.

Azad Printers is the best place to go! We offer high quality banners that are perfect for any occasion.

Whether you want them for an event, or just need some signage at your store, we have what you’re looking for.

Our banners come in many sizes and can be customized with logos, images, text and more.

Banners created by Azad Printers are designed to get your message across as simply and with as much impact as possible.

Printed in the highest resolution full colour on durable 450gsm PVC banner stock, these custom banners are supplied equipped with eyelets every 30cm around the edges.


You want an amazing looking banner that will last at least a year outdoors without fading or tearing?

Our high-quality banners are durable and will last for many years outdoors in any climate. They’re also easy to setup and transport.

Our PVC banners are the best option for businesses who want to make an impact with their advertising without breaking the bank.

Banners are an economical and effective method to advertise your business, school or club. The huge imprint area can be easily seen from a distance.

PVC banners with grommets are great for hanging anywhere from a fence, wall, or fence.

Our banners will last for years in any climate so you can save money on replacement costs and focus your budget elsewhere.

Azad Printers offers professionally-designed, outdoor PVC banners that last 10 times longer than any other type of banner. We have a wide variety of sizes and quantity available to meet your needs.

Our pricing is competitive with other stores in the industry, but our quality stands out above them all! Contact us today for more information on how our banner printing service can help grow your next event.

With our high-quality PVC banner, you won’t have to worry about how long it lasts or whether it will hold up in bad weather conditions.

You’ll get a great value from our product that will help your business grow!


Are you tired of ordering banners from other companies that never meet your expectations?

You’ve tried using online banner printing services before but they were always a hassle to deal with! Imagine getting the perfect PVC banner for your business without any headaches or stress.

Ordering has never been easier than ordering online from Azad Printers today.

All you have to do is fill out our form here and then send your details for the artwork or upload your artwork when prompted after payment has been processed (or email it).

Please note that only one design can be used per print run.

Once approved we will send over a proof of how everything will look together before printing begins which means there won’t be any surprises when they arrive at your door step ready for use right away!

Don’t hesitate – order now while supplies last.


Order online with free delivery (UK only)

Our online ordering system is easy and convenient, so you can order high quality banners in just minutes. And since we offer free UK shipping on all orders, there’s no reason not to try us out today!

Imagine getting your banner designed, printed and shipped to you in just 3-5 days, all while paying an affordable price. That’s why Azad Printers is the best choice – we offer fast turnaround times at affordable prices so you can get your custom banners when you need them.

Place an online order today and see what all the fuss is about! We specialize in custom printed banners for businesses large and small.




Finished Size

W 2ft x L 2ft, W 4ft x L 2ft, W 6ft x L 2ft, W 8ft x L 2ft, W 10ft x L 2ft, W 2ft x L 4ft, W 4ft x L 4ft, W 6ft x L 4ft, W 8ft x L 4ft, W 10ft x L 4ft

Print Type

Single Sided


450gsm PVC




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