Feather Flags

Our banner flags are fade and weather resistant, making them durable. Choose from feather flags, straight and teardrop flag printing options.


Custom Feather Flags Banners | Azad Printers

Flag banners made of feathers make the ideal indoor and outdoor signage solutions to draw attention to your company or product. The flag is constructed from an 8 oz. polyester fabric, which is weatherproof and robust, making it ideal for outdoor use. This pole set is constructed by combining lightweight aluminum and fiberglass poles to provide toughness.

By using the ground stake your flag could be set on the ground or in the grass. We also have other bases that permit the flag to be placed outdoors on hard surfaces, and indoors too. Follow the links below to download the design templates for each size if you are planning to design your own custom feather flag prior to uploading the designs into the design tools we provide.

Feather Flags Options

Double Sided

If you’d like your flag’s message or brand to be seen on both sides of the flag, then our double-sided feather flags that are custom-made are the ideal choice. Print your logo across both sides, or an alternate design on the opposite side

To create the back side just select the “Back Side” button once the double-sided option is chosen.

Single Sided

Much less frequent than a double-sided feather flag. Our flags may be printed on only one side in the event of. Single-sided signs are “print through” meaning that your text and/or design will be visible from the reverse however, to the degree of visibility, it will look mirror-like instead of being duplicated on the reverse.


Feather flags are excellent outdoor signs because of their durability, versatility, and weather-proofing. We suggest using an anchor stake or square base or a base that has water bags for outdoor installation. With the exception of extreme weather conditions, feather flags can be used outside all year.


For indoor use, they are an ideal sign for expos, events, conferences, directional requirements, and many other things. We suggest using the square or cross base when indoor use is required.

Base Options


A strong metal base that has an elongated, square bottom that is ideal for indoor usage and outdoor areas with large foot traffic and generally windy climates.

Ground Stake

Its 25″ long metal spike is perfect to install flags outdoors on solid soil. It usually provides the best security for outdoor use.

Cross Base

The base is made of four legs as well as a foldable design making it a perfect choice for indoor use as well as flags that might require transport. If you are using it indoors in areas with greater numbers of people walking around Be sure to position it in a way that it does not cause a danger to tripping.

Cross Base with Water Bag

For a more secure anchoring of your flag, you can use a refillable water bag placed over the base of your cross. The heavy plastic ring of water will add sixteen pounds to anchor your flag!


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