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These A boards are sturdy and well-designed to help increase footfall into your establishment. We have a range of designs including chalkboards, printed panels or poster frames.

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Custom A Board

Individuals won’t generally purchase signs consistently so they frequently have inquiries regarding the different signs we offer. Anyway, we manage signs consistently, so to attempt to make purchasing signs simpler we’ve attempted to respond to a portion of the more normal inquiries we manage. We really want to believe that you find the accompanying data supportive

What is A Board?

The term A-Board alludes to the state of the sign, when seen from the side you can see 2 sheets joined at the top and with a swagger between which frames the state of a capital A. Most have a folding swagger to take into consideration reduced, level capacity.

Could I at any point utilize A-Sheets outside?

A few A boards are more reasonable than others for outside utilization however overall the response is yes. The two primary variables to consider are wind and downpour, or how weatherproof you really want your A board to be. In the event that you intend to situate your A board in a shielded region, you can decide on the less expensive and lighter A-Expert sheets or even the Spending plan A Board.

Anyway, those lighter A-sheets will be less steady in more grounded breezes so we suggest our heavier Sponsor A-Board range where for instance the more modest 20″x30″ sheets tip the scales at 16kg, and the bigger A1 size gauges a tough 23kg.

A large portion of our A-Sheets has a water-safe cover to shield your presentation from the downpour. Albeit not waterproof to the point of suggesting them for utilized submerged they’ll adapt to even very serious UK weather patterns.

In the event that you need more prominent certainty against solid whirlwinds, we would suggest considering one of our other asphalt sign choices, for example, a pleasure seeker sign.

Do I have to let you know what ought to go on the sign?

All our A-sheets are sold clear. A few units permit you to embed banners while others are classed as long-lasting signage and will require unique printing. All our A-sheets accompany insights concerning the prerequisites for this printing anyway would it be a good idea if you to need support we can give proposals or organize imprinting for your sake.

Involving Banners in outside show outlines, A Sheets, Forecourt signs, and different kinds of outside shows

Banner Proposal of the sort of banners to be utilized in outside shows and in A Sheets:

Utilize Outside grade banners imprinted on water and clammy evidence media


Printed with water-safe dissolvable oil-based UV inks in outside signs (not Water Based Inks)

Media material:

Blue back banner dampness safe paper or far better 400 microns dark back white face Plastic tear safe banner media. This must be awesome and dependable.

Buildup or dampness ruins standard inside paper banners printed with water-based inks utilized in outside signs – scarcely any outside signs are completely water evidence just water safe.

We don’t suggest the utilization of standard paper inside banners printed with water-based inks in metal outside outlines and A boards for long presentation spans.

This kind of paper is inclined to retain dampness.

Fitting Banners

Kindly guarantee that the banner and cover sheets are generally fitted accurately.

Print Administration

We print and supply lengthy life outside banners.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries whatsoever about A-sheets or some other signage kindly make it a point to or email. Our supportive staff will be glad to share their insight and experience to guarantee you get the presentation situation that is ideal for your requirements.


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